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About Me

Welcome to my website.

I am Nirah Celeste, I live in Margaret River, Western Australia, and I'm 15 years old. I really love showing my creativity through photography and healthy food. My favourite foods to make are smoothie bowls, because of the different flavours, colours and fruity decorations. Breakfast is one of my favourite parts of the day because I get to create something new every time.

I haven't always been a big foodie like I am now, but I've definitely loved eating and cooking for my whole life. It's only recently that I have become more interested in cooking and making my own recipes to share with the world. Last year I created my healthy food blog on Instagram. I had been inspired to do this by some other accounts that I had seen on the internet. I discovered that I really enjoyed photographing my healthy food creations and I still feel very passionate for food today.


I began my vegan journey only last year as well. I hadn't ever heard about this amazing lifestyle until I came across someone's food account on Instagram. I was super curious. I was aware of what it meant to be vegetarian, but I now began to wonder what the hell veganism was. Over that year I began learning about veganism, and eventually started to consume less animal products over time. I felt like society had hidden me from everything for so long. I had never really had the opportunity to open my mind up to something so important and life changing for myself and the animals who I had previously been exploiting, along with most of the rest of humanity. I have officially been vegan for a few months now and I am loving my new way of living. Some people think that being vegan is restrictive but there are actually so many plant based options out there. I didn't go vegan straight away when I wanted to. This is because I needed to allow my body to adjust and adapt to being fully powered by plants, and to educate (or as I like to say- vegucate) myself enough to make the switch. There are so many reasons why I believe veganism should be encouraged and highly supported. I have discovered through research that a vegan lifestyle assists in supporting a more sustainable planet and future for humanity. It is also very beneficial for our health because it keeps our body in balance and is easier to maintain PH levels. I firstly decided to be vegan through my love for animals and the cruelty that the majority of the agricultural industries put them through. I am now strongly on the path of embracing a vegan lifestyle for my own health and well being- my mind, body and soul.

My family has a small food manufacturing business centered around healthy vegan dips. This business came about originally becuase of my parent's desire to give myself and my siblings healthy food options for school lunches. This has since blossomed into a thriving enterprise. Together we are looking forward to providing more and varied healthy food options in the near future.

My parents and older siblings have influenced me greatly to become who I am today in association with food. 

I look forward to you sharing in my journey and love of great food.

Nirah Celeste xx

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