Invest in your Well-Being so you can Reap the Benefits Now and Forever.

We spend a lot of our time imagining what it would be like to be the best, most vibrant and healthiest versions of ourselves, so why not act now?

Becoming healthy is simple, the key is B-A-L-A-N-C-E, no fad diets or hardcore, excessive exercise plans required.

What does balance actually mean?

Balance is all about creating a stable foundation in all areas of our life and health. It's important to focus on all aspects of maintaining an even amount of effort or energy between our physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health. There's no one way to go about a healthy lifestyle. Life is not black and white, so make it colourful AS FUCK.

I firstly recommend having a colorful approach to food, AKA eating a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables, healthy sources of fats & proteins, and other necessary wholefoods. , along with drinking a more than substantial amount of water throughout the day to cleanse the body of unwanted toxins, and making sure to keep your organs hydrated.

Next, let's talk about MOVEMENT. Exercise isn't something that should be feared, or seen as a chore. Moving your body can be quite freeing and a good way to release stresses of the day. It's also fun and uplifting when we choose to do activties that we like. Exercise can be as simple as going for a nice walk in nature or through a park if youlive in the city. It doesn't have to look like going to the gym everyday, unless that suits you. I personally love creating home workouts, swimming in the ocean, dancing around the house, going to yoga classes, and riding my bike to and from work. If working out doesn't sound all that appealing to start with then begin to move your body in different ways and slowly build up to the stage where you find enjoyment in doing daily squats or sweating it out in a yoga class/ gym room.

Bring colour to everyday not just with what you eat and how you move your body, but also by thinking more positive and empowering thoughts.

Your mind shapes your reality, and you literally have the power over your perception of what's going on in your life everyday. You cannot have direct control over your circumstances, but you can choose your attitude towards them by how you react and respond.

The mind is a very powerful tool, so make sure you're giving yourself time to unwind, relax and clear the things that have been bothering or stressing you out. Create a safe space in your headspace. Mindset is everything between easy and too hard to even try, but remember to be gentle with yourself on days you don't feel as productive or motivated, and learn to stop beating yourself up.  It takes time to form and adopt new habits, take it slow and take pride in the process. You will get to the level you'd like to be on.

There's no such thing as perfect health, and if we learn to start making our lives more balanced instead of striving for the ideal body, or unattainable version of what is deemed to be the picture of perfect health in the Western eye, we would be more accepting of ourselves, and be willing to go through challenges while also being fulfilled right in this moment without comparing our current self to the future. I want you to feel good now, not later after finishing some extreme elimination diet. Trade pleasure over pain, and nourishment rather than punishment. Listen to what your body needs, and find healthier alternatives to what you've previously done over and over again, in the same harmful pattern.

Health is here right now, waiting for you.

As we know, the body is a complicated vessel that requires lots of looking after. What we put into our bodies is very important for what we give back to the world. Have you ever heard, "you are what you eat," or saying similar to this?

Let me explain... The more balanced your health regime is by consciously choosing what goes in, the more balanced your hormones and energy levels are, which allow you to have a clearer more positive mind. Food is fuel, and our fuel powers our thoughts, attitude and daily interactions. You see, focusing on bettering your health isn't just for you, it's also about having a more positively impactful affect on those around you and the world at large. Each conscious choice you make can inspire someone else to be more mindful and make a difference in the way they show up in the world.

Start by focusing on the small scale, investing time and money into your own well being. It doesn't have to be as complicated as you think. Sure, maybe you'll need some discipline to begin with but once you overcome your old mindset and prove to yourself that it actually is possible to take easy action towards a healthier you, you'll gain an understanding that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Anything is possible when you believe.


Hi, I'm Nirah Celeste, the founder of HealthisWealthco. I am a very passionate, ambitious and creative 18 year old.

I love putting my ideas to paper and making beauty out of the mundane.

One of my biggest passions is HEALTH.

I'm very curious to learn more about nutrition, mental health and fitness.

I started my first food/ health focused blog when I was fourteen, and ever since i began creating healthy food ideas and recipes I've wanted to further my knowledge, experience and share my findings and personal perspective with the world.

A lot of people suffer from illnesses and their mental health, and I want to bring light to these issues by helping everyday people take their power back. I'm still learning and I don't consider myself a professional, but I can't let that stop me from sharing my truth and helping people have more fulfilling lives.

I grew up in a more alternative upbringing to most, and spent time learning about natural medicines and different foods like keifer, kombucha, and other fermented foods like sauerkraut. My dad did his best to provide fresh greens in his backyard veggie garden, and I was exposed to simple things people are now learning about, including composting food scraps and using herbs to heal ailments.

I'm not an expert, but I've had my experience being apart of many health influenced business ventures, for example starting up a vegan cafe with my parents when I was a teenager called The Hungry Herbivore, publishing my own recipe E-book (find out more), running market stalls, learning from the work experience I partook in my family's business Margaret River Pantry, and I'm currently working at a wholefoods store and plant based cafe, Conscious Craves.

I may be young, but I have mighty mission to help those around me feel good. I want to keep encouraging others to see how it easy it can be to live a healthier lifestyle and eat nourishing meals everyday. Life is much more fulfilling when we nourish ourselves from the inside out, swapping pain for pleasure. 

I strongly believe that anyone can create the life of their dreams and become the best version of themselves at any age. Age has no limitation, and I hope to get this message across to those out there who really want to create their dream lifestyle and start really looking after their health.

If you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to reach out via the contact options below. Follow me on Instagram or send me an email.


Let's stay connected.

Stay safe, love Nirah.



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