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  • Nirah Celeste

A Note on Negativity

A Note on Negativity written by Abi
“Toxic people are the worst kind of people. They fill your veins with their poisonous ways and being with them makes you feel both drained and drowned.
Toxic people are like being intoxicated- you drink even though sometimes it exacerbates feelings of sadness and sorrow, but you do it again and again for the moments of joy alcohol, or these people, give you.
Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between a toxic person and a troubled soul. Some poisons have a cure and some can be fatal. A cure can be as soft as a sweet poem or as hard as disciplining a mischievous child. Basically, whether it’s passive or upfront, people need to be called out on their bullshit. After all, honesty is the best moral compass anyone could ever ask for.
Don’t be surprised if the person doesn’t think they need a compass. They think their sense of direction is impeccable. The poison has leaked into their vital organs and controls their life like a ticking time bomb. There is no cure. More time with them will only drag you deeper under their toxic sheet of darkness and manipulation. You must pull off the sheets before it’s too late. The longer you wait the heavier it feels, the deeper you dive. You become held back both physically and emotionally. It’s restrictive, it’s constrictive. Like a snake coiling tightly around your heart, which was once open like a free spirit. Don’t let in the toxic people. Expel the poison from your lungs. Breathe in fresh air.”