• Nirah Celeste

Here I Am

engaging my senses in

sensual sacredness

connecting to the earth

and realms unknown

reality is now not elsewhere

I’m here

to experience

to explore

to be free

my heart’s highest desire is to connect

with myself and the world around me

for I am not I

I am this universe

in human form with a human perception

one must connect within to really see

all that there is to feel

earth magic, sweet sunshine,

forest lullabies, I am open to feeling

this oneness. this unity. this universe

sex, fresh air, plant foods, self pleasure, awareness, creative expression, flowing love, freeing friendships, nature medicine, healing seas, I am here to experience the things that light me up. that send me no where but here. I am here. feeling love. releasing pain. feeling all that comes up.

thank you for life. thank you for human touch. here I am to free the love within

my energy is sacred

I will not sell it to anyone or give it away

today and every day I bathe in my own love

sharing it with the earth and people I hold close

protecting the light that will one day shine on everyone

like wrapping myself in my own womb

a space for sensitivity and safety

until I’m ready to use my voice and share my wisdom with the world

I must hold myself in love and gratitude

a bath of liquid heaven melts around me

and here I stay, here I nourish.




©2017 by Health is Wealth Co.