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  • Nirah Celeste

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What is your relationship with yourself? Do you masturbate? Are you a virgin? Are you afraid to talk openly about sex? What have you learned from your sexual experiences? Do you freely express your sexuality? Do you honour your cycle? Are you ashamed of menstruation? Do you feel empowered about your period? Do you enjoy sex? Have you been in disrespectful situations? Are you aware of how the relationships in your life are affecting you? Do you love yourself?


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🌞 #tabootalkthursdays are Talks for you and by you. It is an online space to share your thoughts and experiences in an empowered and supportive manner. Open your eyes and your heart to vulnerability. What we’ve been through makes us stronger and helps educate/ open the minds of others.

🌞Let’s start more discussions on sex, periods, relationships, toxic connections, moving on from our struggles, our sexuality, self worth, desire, and pleasure.