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  • Nirah Celeste

Menstrual magic & Lady Liberation


Let's welcome this week's guest writer, Holly. Thank you for sharing your abundance in knowledge and having such an inspiring amount of confidence to speak openly about the part of life that most young women shy away from. Thank you for your voice and empowering and wise words.

I absolutely loved reading Holly's article, and I hope you do too!

"Time of the month.

Shark week.

Aunt Flo.

On the rag.

We have so many euphemisms for it, yet it is so completely awkward to come out and say it. A period, the menstrual cycle.

For most girls getting your period is a hassle, but for me having my period is one of my favorite times of the month. 

It is a time for me to align and re connect with my body, soul and cycle. I hope to to see a day where every person with a uterus is empowered enough to see their period as a sacred celebration and a reminder of the power their bodies hold to create new life and light. 

It took me years of soul searching and an awakening switch to a menstrual cup to truly recognize the power within me and this has only happened recently. Once this happened something in me clicked. I no longer dreaded getting my period. I became open, honest and had no fear mentioning the subject of menstruating to anyone. This made me realize something. Why hadn't I been like this my whole life? Why in schools was it internalized to keep quiet and to make sure no one knew we were cycling?

A completely and utterly natural occurrence that will happen to fifty percent of the population, yet I couldn't even mention to our teachers why I needed to skip swimming lessons. I remember one time "accidentally" forgetting my bathers so I wouldn't have to tell anyone I was on my period. This was before I started using tampons. 

Why is that? Why can't a period be known as powerful, beautiful and sacred? Getting your first period should be a celebration of womanhood and all its joys, not just an embarrassing moment where you tell no-one apart from your mum. Wouldn't it be liberating to no longer have to hide tampons and pads when walking down school corridors? And to be able to confidently talk about it openly and honestly? 

As I said, I have recently started using a menstrual cup and I can't recommend it enough, I'm more in tune with my body than ever before. This one switch has stopped fears of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) and leaking, chafing and that uncomfortable feeling of disposable pads. It will also stop me from having to purchase tampons filled with chemicals that should not be put anywhere near your body, did you guys realize that tampons can actually leave fibers of cotton in your body? How scary is that? This one little cup will also reduce so much waste that will end up in landfill. 

When I shared my findings with my sisters and mother, all I got back was "jeez that's a bit much information". As an open woman this shocked me, our periods should be something that bonds and we can all relate to. I would be stoked to be able to start and listen to a conversation about a product that could potentially change women's lives like it has mine. 

I believe we need to start a revolution that will free women and teenagers from "taboo" of periods. It should not be something to be ashamed of!

If you have a period I encourage you to be loud and proud about, to end the stigma and oppression surrounding periods. Walk down that hallway without hiding your tampon. Tell your friends and female family members about this cup of yours that will reduce disposable waste and makes you look forward to your period. Make it known to everyone, even your male friends that you have PMS and cramps and are a force to be reckoned with. Have the confidence to go out into the world at anytime and be exactly who you are.

Here's to having, liberating and celebrating the glorious and powerful menstrual cycle."

-Holly Keightley