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The Virgin Writes

The Virgin Writes

One time I started writing an erotic poem while my partner was going down on me. Writing is a form of self expression and authentic creation for me, and the erotic type of stories spill onto paper when I least expect them to. I haven’t written much in this area, and I’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to sex, but sex itself is a form of authentic expression and an opportunity to learn more.

I wrote this piece of erotica before I’d even kissed a boy. In my opinion my imagination can be expressed quite beautifully and a lot of what I write doesn’t always come from my own experience (especially this story because I had no experience to base it off), it’s all created up here in my mind.

I hadn’t read about sex or received details from porn because I’ve truthfully never watched it on my own accord. The only thing I had learned what sex could possibly look like was from seeing snippets in movies; the well rehearsed sex scenes that really aren’t what most sex is like in real life, and hearing about it from my parents and my night school health ED teacher.

When I began thinking about how I wanted my sexuality to be in the future I didn’t look at it from the perspective of what it would look like, but actually how I wanted it to feel for me, and that was feeling safe and loved. I wanted to experience sex in the sense of something other worldly but so beautifully vulnerable, raw, down to earth. Now that I’ve had sex, I have had experiences that are similar to how I used to imagine it would be like for me. Not all the sex I’ve had is magical or intense. Some of it has been an emotionally harmful exchange, or just plain boring.

Sex is something we learn to experience, and it’s our individual choice of who and when we open ourselves up to, emotionally and physically. I rushed into wanting to experience sex with someone I wasn’t yet trusting of, and I naively followed what I thought I was supposed to do since the boy I was dating wanted to do it with me too. If I listened to my intuition and what my body was telling me, I would’ve heard from my heart that I wasn’t fully ready to have sex with that particular person. I forced myself to rush into it, and it wasn’t the experience I was looking for.

Since my first time and after exploring other people sexually I have learned that I must protect my energy especially when it comes to sex. The person I choose to be sexually entwined with needs to listen to me and we must feel safe in each others arms. Trust is so important and it’s something you build over time with a partner. Sometimes I can trust someone right away, and knowing that it’s a gut instinct. So, I’ve learned a lot from my experiences so far, and I know there’s much more that I will open up to over time. For now, I’d like to share this piece I wrote over the period of time I began exploring ideas about sex, before I losing my virginity.


Written by Nirah Celeste

Golden sunlight filters through the curtains; the air is polluted with gentle specks of dust. I inhale your subtle sweet, musky scent and feel my lips curl into a smile. You roll over and drape the clean, white sheet over my bare body. Your skin is feverishly warm pressed against mine.

You finally open your eyes. I can't help but stare.

You perch up on your side and run your hands through my mess of hair.

I lose myself as your kisses on my neck bring back memories of the previous night. My cheeks flush bright red.

I already miss your touch.

I hold onto you tighter.

Your kisses become harder.

I still crave you.

I aggressively, but passionately kiss your lips.

I gasp for air as you move down to my thighs. I sigh in pleasure.

You fumble with a fresh condom. I play with your tongue in my mouth.

You undoubtedly set my mind free. Unconditional love washes over me.

I breathe in honey suckle and your faded cologne that still lingers.

Your slow, thrusting movements rock the bed frame beneath us.

Your sparkling blue eyes leave me in a trance; my eyes are locked on yours. Your heavy breathing turns me on even more. My heart turns to pulp as though it's made from paper machete.

You slide in and out of me. I want this feeling to last forever.

Our pace quickens. My fingers tense; gripping the sheet.

Am I dreaming or did I orgasm?

Your perfect lips leave marks on my skin.

Every part of my body lights up.

You. Me. Us. We're magic.

When your cock penetrates my yoni, you dive deep into my soul.

Your loving affection empowers my being.

I reach into your heart and feed off the essence of your love.

Waterfalls crash. Fires burn. Thunder collides with the earth. The ocean stirs. My heart becomes engulfed in this storm of ours.

I'm risking my innocence, but I feel pure with you. You open me up like a lotus starting to bloom.

The rhythm of our bodies could create a symphony of


The morning sunlight glistens on your glowing skin.

Your smile radiates so much


and trust.

The bed head thuds against the wall. The floor creeks.

A moan slips out. You smile at that.

I can no longer control the feelings vibrating through my body.

Your lips are delicate now, but you still bang the life out of me.

I descend into a dimension of hunger. Hunger for you.

You're the only one that I want. I want you so bad.

You're like my own personal drug.

Every touch, every kiss, every moment with you drives me crazy.

Our love making intensifies.

All these feelings of desire erupt from my core. I scream out in pleasure.

You fuck me harder and harder.

My pussy has almost hit the roof.

I am a hostage to your pheromones. Your soft, luxurious smell stimulates me even more. You're addictive. You're like cocaine to me. You're better than any high.

My body caves into the pleasure. The friction keeps building between us. I fear that I may explode. I transcend into pure pleasure and bliss.

You groan as I claw your back. I'm satisfied that they'll be my scratches.

I pull your face into my breasts. Your swirling tongue sends tingling waves all over my chest. You grab my ass and lift me closer to you. Your angelic shoulders shine with sweat. You're so hot. I love having you inside me. We're magnetic.

Waves of insane pleasure roll through my body. Your figure is strong and attractively powerful over me. I'm burning up. My pleasure peeks upward, and my brain function spirals into oblivion. I am overly content. I am high on this feeling.

I am more than in love. I am in heaven with you.




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