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  • Nirah Celeste

Unite as One

Written by Nirah Celeste

One of the biggest lies we’ve ever been told is that we are anything but equal. Our world is full of loneliness, separateness, segregation, war, dishonesty, political fights, imbalance, and disconnect.

We are one connected entity, yet we’ve learned the opposite. Our individual lives would be so much more fulfilling if we opened ourselves up to the truth. Love, compassion, unity and equality all sprout from this one seed of truth- that we are all connected. We are all manifestations of the same consciousness. To simply put it we are the awareness of all life.

We are not our thoughts, our mind, or our body. Our egos tell us that we are these things and that is a huge contributing factor of why we feel so helpless, hopeless, and powerless. We are letting our egos have control and power over us.

When you go within and realise that you are a higher consciousness all together, letting the programming you have ever received fall away, you will discover the truth to this life. You are everyone and everything, and everyone and everything is you. There is no person, plant, animal, or element that is seperate from the other. It’s our limited perceptions, language of labels, and instilled programming that creates this illusion of seperateness.

We live in a society that is sickening. We are raised to believe that we are not enough and therefore suppress our authentic expression. When we take back our power and see the truth, our natural thirst for creativity and light shines out from within. Envy, jealousy, and frustration comes from not allowing yourself to step into your authentic power. When we are connected to ourselves and willing to connect further with the rest of life we celebrate one another and know deeply that we must support this goodness to grow, so we can form and shape the future to be a birthplace of love and connection.

We are past, present and future generations alike, because we are ONE awareness experiencing all these lives from different points in time. We must put the power back into trust of the unknown. Let the security of the past tumble away. Your programming has given you a false sense of security that if you choose to continue to follow it is even more dangerous for your future self and our future world.

Your established career, mortgaged house, job promotion, ect, is all an outcome of the ego. Money can either control you or you can use it as a tool for freedom. The government and big corporations like the pharmaceutical and agriculture industries don’t care about you and your health. All they care about is their position of mass manipulation and control they have over the population of this planet. They are run with the motive of making money. We are being fed lies everyday by our education system, advertisements, trusted professionals, and political leaders. Although the truth has been so twisted we must realise that we are society. We can not blame society for the problems in our world and daily lives. We must take responsibility to change and move on from past patterns and work on creating new ways and solutions.

We need to stop putting blame on systems outside of ourselves, and go within instead, realising that we individually can make a positive difference and realise that we are in this together as a whole collective. Diminish the walls of segregation. Change your perspective and be willing to continuously grow out of the old ways of the world. We need to reflect on the past from time to time, but we must not cling to what no longer exists. We have the power to choose whether the past still affects us or not. We hold the power to change the world.

This truth is why we must treat each other with respect. Be kind to yourself and others. Share your selflessness with society. We are all extensions of the universe. We are all EQUAL, and equally deserving of love.