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  • Nirah Celeste

website revamp- 2019 Update

Hello everyone, it's Nirah here! I am currently 17, and it's April 2019.

Why am I telling you the date?

Well, I have recently revamped/ re-styled my website and my blog is very out of order with the timeline of the posts. My upcoming posts will be in order, the newest/ latest posts will appear at the top of my blog feed.

How long has Health is Wealth co been around?

I started this website at the age of 15, in 2017.

I have changed a lot over the past few years which is quite apparent through my presence on social media and even by looking at the few blog posts I have kept.

I am always growing and learning new things but my core values never change.

I am committed to sharing my journey, advice and approach to health, wellness and self love.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts, weekly YouTube videos, and if you haven't already, go sign up to my new weekly newsletters, they are completely free and completely worth the read! Go to the home page to find the subscriber box or DM me on instagram with your email address and letting me know you would like to sign up: @nirah_celeste

Thank you for supporting my vision and work.

Here are some photos of myself and what I have created over the past couple years of my online journey. Hello to the new faces coming to visit my website for the first time, and welcome back to my more regular followers.

I hope your day has been splendid, and all I need to say now is STAY TUNED.