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  • Nirah Celeste

What is Your Relationship to Self Pleasure?

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I am excited to welcome Shoshana Sadia, a Feminine Empowerment Coach and Mentor, who has been kind enough to collaborate and share her magical words in today's post.

Thank you for sharing much truth and wisdom with us all Shoshana!

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"What is your relationship to self- pleasure

Sexual energy is so much more than we have been conditioned to believe:

Sexual life force can be used for







A woman connected to her pleasure inside the bedroom is a woman who radiates outside the bedroom. 

A woman's body opens when she feels safe, physically, emotionally and sexually to be all of herself.

Relaxation is the key to coming home to your body temple.

When her heart is open and surrendered.

A woman's pleasure needs space, trust and  to feel seen and validated in her full emotional ban with. It needs openness, trust & softness to expand.

Reconnecting with my sensuality:

The journey of sexual empowerment for me started after the deterioration of an abusive, long term relationship. 

I painstakingly searched inside my soul to discover what led me here, including those limiting beliefs and stories that had been keeping me small.

I jumped head first into my abandonment and betrayal wound, (which no surprises came to meet me in real life) I had been working so hard to avoid.

Yes, it was brutal; but I had the support and tools to heal and nourish myself.

Even after my toxic relationship ended, I felt disconnected from my sexuality. My sex-life was non-existent, and I felt no desire for lovers or myself.

In reality, my toxic relationship and distrust towards men had caused me to numb my sexual-self, in order to protect me from harm.

At the time I felt something was wrong with me. I now know that my body was mirroring the pain inside me – my lack of desire was a symptom that my feminine centre was off.

So, I embarked on an epic journey of forgiveness and acceptance. I danced, prayed and grieved. I offered my pain to the divine mother Earth and released painful emotions through embodied movement, self-sexual healing and womb clearing.

My divorce was instrumental to the inner work and emotional mastery I discovered on this journey, which brought me to where I am now.

Listening to my body.

Through all of my pain, I learned how to listen to my body and give her the nourishment to thrive, inside and out.

By allowing myself to eat and move based on my inner rhythms, which constantly ebb and flow, I embraced a profound connection to myself.

I now live in harmony with my menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle, as well as my own changing seasons. I feel sexy, playful and sensual, and this radiates in my inner and outer landscapes.

My sexuality is a source of creativity, power and healing.

I have a rich relationship with my feminine essence, which is in balance with my inner masculine energy. 

The flame I once held for myself has been rekindled, and self-love and care is an absolute priority in my life.

Self - pleasuring can help us to overcome sexual inhibition and grants us the freedom of deep intimacy with our own bodies. 

Through the act of devotional self-pleasure, we not only support ourselves us to know what we enjoy sexually, what arouses us and what doesn’t. Additionally we can guide our partners to those places of pleasure in our body temples!

As women, we have a Long history of sexual suppression & shame. 

If we do not re- examine those beliefs. We remain stagnant, this dims down our aliveness, our creativity & our true sexual nature.

Questions to ponder?

How do you Connect to your femininity? 

What messages did you get growing up how it should look like? 

Are you yearning for more PLEASURE in your life?

Are you feeling the need to be more connected to yourself?"

-Shonana Sadia

Are you ready to, "let go of societal taboos about sexuality and self-judgement?"

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