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Healthy Lunch Box Snacks

June 25, 2017

I always make it my top priority to ensure that I have healthy food for school. Over the years I have noticed that most kids and teenagers feed themselves foods which are very detrimental to their health. School canteens seem to be the main place that children eat from on a daily bases. Even kids who have a packed lunch are usually bringing highly processed foods into their lunch and recess breaks, such as sandwiches made with white bread, tomato sauce and processed meats, shop bought muesli bars, yoghurts, chips, and plenty of other harmful foods. Most of these products are marked as being healthy, when in fact they really aren't nutritional at all.


I believe that it is super duper important to pack a wholesome morning tea and lunch to fuel your kids throughout the day. This needs to start in the kitchen at home. Instead of purchasing processed snacks from the super market you could make  healthier versions at home or buy products which aren't high in or don't include wheat, unnatural sugars, artificial flavours and preservatives, saturated fats, etc. I would also recommend to make foods using mainly fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes. These are essential components to a healthy diet.


Here is one of my snack ideas to pack for morning tea- carrot sticks, Margaret River Pantry's beetroot dip, guacamole (smashed avocado, garlic, salt, pepper and lime juice), some pistachios, homemade chocolate granola (recipe in my upcoming ebook), and some cut up fruit (strawberries, pear and kiwifruit).

This is an ideal way to nourish and energise your kids during a tiresome school day.


You can change up anything in this lunch box with your own healthy ideas. You could have homemade hommus with veggie sticks, an apple, almonds, and whatever else you feel like. Another reason to make your kids' school lunches healthy is because they're full of colour, which means that kids are more likely to eat what you give them.   




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