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How to Reduce your Waste》My Top 10 Tips for Using Less Plastic

December 27, 2017

☮ ☯ ✓ Using plastic is unnecessary and causes so much harm to the planet & our health.  

These 10 tips will definitely bring awareness to the amount of plastic and waste that is created daily. As an individual you can make a difference and help influence a positive change on a global scale. So if you're reading this article then you most probably want to use a little less plastic in your life. It is actually easier than you would think. All you need to do is break your bad habits and become a consious consumer. If I can do it as a fifteen year old, so can you!

Without further-ado, let's go through my ten top tips to start using less plastic today!


1. Carry around a re-usable metal or glass water bottle, instead of buying single use plastic ones whenever you get thirsty.

2. Use material grocery bags and produce bags. Say no to plastic shopping bags today! 


3. Use re-usable metal straws and always make sure to refuse plastic ones when you order a drink at a cafe or shop.

4. Keep some cutlery on hand. Choose a wooden fork or spoon over a plastic one when eating takeaway. 


5. Keep and re-use jars and glass bottles to use as cups/ drinking glasses, and to store nuts, seeds & dried goods in. 


6. Purchase less packaged foods. Adopt a healthier diet full of fresh produce. Consciously choose an abundance of plant based wholefoods rather than eating products wrapped/ packaged in plastic, which are usually quite unhealthy. This tip will help you cut down on your plastic wastage and help your body too.

Choose homemade treats like bliss balls, dehydrated fruits, or kale chips over crisps or lollies, for example.

7. Shop locally or grow your own veggie garden. The Farmers Market is always a great place to find fresh, plastic free foods.


8. Next time you need a new toothbrush or hairbrush, get one that is made of bamboo. It is a highly sustainable resource, because it doesn't use much space to grow and breaks down/ biodegrades when you're done with it.


9. Make your own natural body products, such as deodorant, scrubs & toothpaste. 


10. Purchase the majority of your clothes second hand from opp shops & thrift stores, or choose ethical clothing brands. Remove yourself from the endless cycle of fast fashion. 












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