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Why I am not Vegan

October 27, 2018

Hello gorgeous people!!

This post may come as a surprise to you. You have probably already made your own assumptions surrounding the title. I have decided that I will not label myself as 'vegan' anymore, for many reasons.

Don't worry, I am still pursuing a lifestyle that focuses on reducing the exploitation of other living beings as best as I possibly can. I follow a plant based diet and do not consume animal products. So why am I not a vegan? Well, I've decided that I don't want to conform to a label or a community. It seems like vegans have become harshly represented in our society as extremists and as though veganism is just another cult. I have become more aware of my own lifestyle and health choices over the past year and I felt like I had to be apart of this vegan movement, but I have realised that my values and attitudes aren't something I need to label.

I believe that my lifestyle choices aren't who I am- they're only apart of who I am- so there's no reason to keep labeling myself.

I believe that I need to focus on sharing and expressing my kindness, compassion, self growth, expanding visions and dreams, without the limitations of a word that supposedly defines my actions. I don't want to force my opinions or beliefs on others, like most 'vegans' do. I choose to inspire and impact others with my lifestyle, but I also choose to accept where each individual person is, meaning I accept their current and past beliefs. Everyone sees the world through their own filter and I can only accept their truth as being just as justified and right as my own truth. There is no right or wrong, there is only truth. Each person is on their own journey and level of experience, hence why I do not shun or exclude others for the way they see food or life. I want to help others grow into becoming more confident and conscious human beings, and impact others to see each other as one.

Labeling myself as vegan will only separate me even more from what I am striving to do. Connecting to others is more effective if we don't segregate each other into labelled boxes. We are more than our labels. We are more than we know, and capable of creating a more conscious community in this lifetime. So before you judge me for not being vegan, ask yourself- "Who am I? Do I want to be accepted by others? Do I accept others for who they are?"

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