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A Love Letter to Myself

October 30, 2018


Dear body,


you are merely a vessel that allows me to experience life.

There is no need to worry about your appearance or focus negative energy on your flaws. Each and every part of you is already beautiful, no matter how much you change over time. You are enough. You deserve to be treated with love and respect. I commit to consciously honouring this beautiful temple with things that will nourish and let you flourish. You're worthy of love.

I am grateful for all that you do for me so that I can wake up again each day. I love you.

Like a snake I am shedding into my new skin;

One that eliminates limiting beliefs and lets go of all that does not serve my identity anymore.

One that is cared for and nurtured.

One that is fully embraced for its authentic beauty.




Thank you for reading my personal love letter. I am sharing this to encourage YOU to write your own love letter. If you're comfortable, please send me a photo or write up of your letter or tag me in a post on Instagram.

Keep shining lovely humans!! Remember that this is the only body you have for the rest of your life, so love and look after yourself. 



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