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November 20, 2018

Being bloated is a common side affect many experience when they first switch to a plant based or vegan diet.

There are many reasons why this can occur, and if you've been puzzled over your inflated stomach for a while now, then read ahead.


Eating a high fibre diet, particularly based on plants, can cause you to have stomach issues like bloating. This will only possibly happen when you first transition to this fibre rich diet. It will take time for the digestive system to adjust, and eventually the bloating will go away.

If it has been a few months of constantly being bloated, then I would suggest to try out some of the things I did to help myself lose the bloat.


Firstly, I realised that I wasn't active enough. Our bodies need movement to ensure that food is digested properly, and all nutrients are received efficiently.

Make movement a priority. Exercise and move your body daily, to assist you in feeling healthier, more energized, and to help your body digest each meal.


I would also recommend upping your intake of foods that promote #guthealth

Heal your bloated exterior by healing your insides. Consume fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, keifer, and organic coconut yoghurt.


Also notice what foods you're already consuming on a daily bases, and on occasion as well.

Avoid highly processed and refined foods.

Also eat less or cut out foods that your body has trouble digesting, for example, I recently realised that I personally struggle to digest certain beans, breads, and even potatoes. I noticed that I feel heavier, more lethargic or fatigued, gassy, and become slightly bloated sometimes when I eat these foods, and so I choose to rarely consume them.


Honestly, the best way to avoid getting bloated is to eat fresh, wholesome foods and do the right amount of exercise. Otherwise, if you're still unsure, then I'd suggest to seek professional help or do some extensive research on the particular issues you are facing.

I hope this short article has helped. 




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