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My Self Love Ritual→ Self Massage Sesh

November 21, 2018

Beauty is highly judged and severely misplaced.

Women are absolutely beautiful creatures, yet we all tend to compare ourselves to one another.

We never feel like we have enough beauty.

We are so concerned about appealing to others, that we attempt to change who we are in the process.

You don't need to be like anyone else!

You are you for a reason, so take advantage of who you are and embrace your authentic beauty.

Someone else's beauty doesn't determine your own.

We are all worthy of self love, and are all so so beautiful.

Let's shine together rather than bring each other or ourselves down!



A Ritual that really assists in keeping me accountable in my self love, is doing a coconut oil massage.

I love doing this as it is quite a sensual and personal experience, and it really draws out and helps heal your insecurities. I like to do a self massage every week, and sometimes a few days in a row when I most need my own love and affection.


What You Will Need:

>organic coconut oil

>clean hands

>a relaxing space

>a mirror


What to Do:

1. Create a relaxing space by setting up a room (I usually use my bedroom) with some meditative music, incense, cushions or a comfortable floor mat (e.g. a yoga mat), low lighting (e.g. a salt lamp), and a warm drink (e.g. herbal tea or a mug of hot cacao: hot water, honey or maple syrup, and cacao powder).

This is essential for embodying sensuality and calming energy in your environment.


2. Once your room is set up nicely, sit down on your cushion or mat, making sure to strip off naked or into your underwear.

Place yourself in front of a mirror or keep a handheld mirror nearby.


3. Take several, slow deep breaths and clear your mind of any negative judgments.


4. Scoop out a small amount of coconut oil from the jar.

Warm it in your hands and melt it between your palms.


5. Place your fingertips on your skin. Start your massage anywhere.


6. Move your hands in circular and stroking motions. Massage along each body part, delicately and gracefully.

Scoop out more oil whenever needed.

Slowly and gradually massage your entire body.


7. Every now and then make eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Think or whisper kind words to your body, e.g. self love affirmations, how grateful you are for your uniquely beautiful body, or saying "I love you."

Stay calm and welcome in loving thoughts.

Remember, you are worthy of love, especially your own.

Touch yourself how you wish a lover would touch you. Be gentle and compassionate. As you smoothly run your hands over your skin, let go of any harsh thoughts you obtain towards your body. Only allow positivity and kindness to be present.


8. Take your time. I normally spend 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half to complete my ritual. Don't rush yourself.

Also notice your sensitivities and which areas feel good to touch. Take slow sips of your drink throughout the massage. You could even use this time to yourself to incorporate some movement, such as dancing or yoga.


Hope you enjoy!! Much love xx





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