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February 5, 2019


Most people are extremely uneducated on the menstruation cycle. Sex Ed doesn’t teach us to honour our cycle or ways to help us integrate into our monthly flow with ease.
So many girls are so ashamed of this natural part of life. We learn to be embarrassed rather than embrace the power our wombs hold. We view periods as a nuisance, and in most cases disgusting and uncomfortable.
Periods are still seen as a stigma, even though it’s 2019!!!!! . The function of women’s bodies are shamed in many parts of the world, and in a nation with easy access to sanitary products and sex Ed taught in schools, we still don’t receive the depth of knowledge surrounding menstruation. Most young people- referring to all genders- only learn the basics. We are shown diagrams that outline what our reproductive system looks like and are told to shove a tampon up there.
In society, young girls are taught to hide this sacred process. We don’t need to keep our monthly flow a secret from the world. Sure it’s personal, but please don’t feel ashamed or awkward about your period.
Here are some things I have learned over the years of blooming into womanhood that I’d love to share with anyone who may be needing some advice or wanting to learn something new about their bodies/ fellow female bodies...
Firstly, you would know that your body is physically shedding, but did you know that you’re also energetically letting go at this time?? Try to relax and rest during the first few days of your period.
Your energy may be lower at this time. Focus your energy inwards.
Honour your cycle. Celebrate. Nurture your body with love and respecting kindness. Be gentle. Rest. Surrender.
Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t as productive or enthusiastic during this period of time. It’s okey to listen to what your body needs, rather than the hustle of the world around you.
The colour of your blood is also an indicator of your health. Make sure you become aware of the change in shades and volume of blood flow. If your blood comes out unhealthily dark or almost black you may need to check in with where you may be out of balance. And obviously look after your hygiene and cleanliness. You can even look into using different period products, such as a menstrual cup or period undies. These are much more environmentally friendly if you are conscious of that. There are also healthier options when it comes to your regular tampons and pads. Find a brand that works for you, and notice the materials they are made from. Research if they are healthy for your body.
Next up, there are much healthier ways to deal with cramps and menstrual symptoms. Medicinal drugs and pain killers aren’t the way to go. Trust me, your body will need to go through a lot of healing from all the toxins they emit into your system. Try natural remedies like raspberry leaf tea, foods rich in magnesium, iron and potassium, hot water bottles at night, and different herbs to ease the pains instead of temporarily blocking it.
And to rap up this post, I also want to mention how special and sacred it is to bleed. Our wombs are like portals to divine creation and are capable of becoming a space to nurture the next generation. Biologically we bleed to someday grow a human inside of us, which is pretty damn incredible. We must treat ourselves with respect and compassion. Start viewing your period as a monthly health check up and a celebration rather than reacting negatively to it as though it’s ruined your fun night out, ect. Stay grounded and give yourself permission to slow down. Learn to embrace and love yourself through your monthly cycle.  


Beautiful artwork by Jasmine Carter. An amazing artist who paints with her menstrual blood.

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